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Sea Baptism

Experience your sea baptism with us!

90€ per person

Booking Now

A unique and indescribable underwater experience, where you will experience the thrill of breathing - and swimming - underwater in absolute safety, with all the complete equipment provided by us, at the maximum depth of 6 m, Each individual participant will be accompanied by a Qualified diving instructor.


In the sea you will have the opportunity to interact with an environment, that of the marine flora and fauna, completely Virgin, The "Baptism of the Sea" is the first step to approach the world of diving, a world where weight does not matter and you move as if flying, where breathing and movements are slowed down to adapt to the density of the water and where there reigns a great peace and silence broken only by the sound of the bubbles we emit while breathing. While diving in shallow water you will experience the feeling of weightlessness. You will be amazed by the beautiful underwater life. During this dive we will capture the best moments with digital photos and videos, which will be given to you for free, as soon as the dive is over.

This dive is "FOR BEGINNERS," so no previous experience is required. All dives take place in the beautiful sea of the Gulf of Asinara, and you will be able to admire the aquatic life of all species of Mediterranean fish and shellfish.
After booking you will receive a confirmation email with all the details of your reservation, including what to expect, what to bring and where to check in.

All equipment for the excursion is included
We recommend that you wear a swimsuit
On-site lockers for personal belongings available

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